Interview tips/questions for medicine unit

  1. Hey,
    Does anyone know any common interview questions asked? or those specific to medicine units? I know that most interviewers ask scenario based questions, as it is a general medicine unit I feel they could potentially ask anything. but is there anything specific a new nurse should start to review to prepare for these scenario questions.

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  3. by   Fiona59
    Meds, delegation, diabetes, dealing with difficult people. Warning signs.
  4. by   companisbiki
    difference between dementia and delirium, chest pain scenarios (what medications, scenario for different vital signs after giving nitro and what test the MD would order), what to do when you've witnessed a fall, working with different coworkers, dealing with conflicts, etc. My interviews for the medical unit I am working at was 30 minute, very fast paced and filled with scenario-based and general type questions
  5. by   Canadiangirl94
    Thanks for the tips. do you have any tips on what specific areas to study? for example cardiac, urinary, GI?
  6. by   KamikazeRN
    If you can find out what type of medical unit specifically you'll be applying to, that would be helpful to determine what "areas" to study in advance for. Back in the day when I had applied to an internal medical unit, they were looking specifically for knowledge of the cardiovascular system as we did monitor telemetry, and the renal system as we took on almost all the hemodialysis (IHD & peritoneal dialysis) patients that were admitted to medical services. It probably wouldn't hurt to know a little about seizure protocols and the respiratory system as well. I was definitely asked about what to do if someone is experiencing chest pain, what to do if your patient c/o SOB or appears to be in respiratory distress, what your role would be if you found a patient in cardiac arrest, hypoglycemia protocol, rights of medication administration, DEFINITELY dementia, delirium, & depression, and blood product transfusions.

    Good luck!
  7. by   Canadiangirl94
    Perfect that definitely helps to know where to start. and I am pretty sure the one is just a general medicine unit. I still have to find out what kind of patients they mostly care for.

    Any other comments are welcome from anyone else!

  8. by   wheresthecharge
    I am not sure if this is too late, but I wrote a blog post about common questions that I was asked during my interviews.
    Here is a list to practice with:

    1. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
    2. Person walks through the door presenting these signs and symptoms...what do you do (ex. heart attack, stroke, overdose, anaphylaxis, fall, etc.)?
    3. Why do you want to work here? What do you know about this facility?
    4. What separates you from the other candidates?
    5. Summarize your clinical background.
    6. How did your education/experiences prepare you for this position?
    7. Tell me about yourself.
    8. What kind of assessments would you do for someone presenting signs and symptoms of....lab work? diagnostic test? physical assessment?
    9. What kind of health teaching would you give someone with a diagnosis of...nutrition? medication? limitations? safety?
    10. What do you do when a patient is violent? Procedure? Priorities?
    11. How do you prioritize your patients? Explain?
    12. Give an example of a time when you managed conflict with a patient or co-worker.
    13. What are your career and educational goals?
  9. by   Canadiangirl94
    Nope its not too late! it's next week! thanks so much for the help! I really appreciate it.
  10. by   NurseSpeedy
    I don't know how health systems work where you are but I went to interview at three hospitals within the same main company and I got identical questions from each one! Let's just say I nailed the last two interviews by learning from the mistakes from my first (was nervous as hell).

    Most of mine were about my level of skill in certain areas, what my strength/weaknesses are, how I would resolve an issue with a coworker, patient/family issue handling. Surprisingly nothing about a real life medical concern...must be those pesky survey results...
  11. by   newgradBsCN
    Hey! If you don't mind me asking, how did the interview go? What types of questions did they end up asking you? I have a general medicine interview coming up in 2 days and would love to know how your experience was! I would really appreciate any help