How many of you nurses don't have health insurance?

  1. I'm thinking of purchasing a Personal Health Insurance plan. My current nursing position doesn't have one, and many jobs that are advertised don't offer benefits either. I've been struggling to find/obtain a job with benefits and, after a couple of health hiccups, I can't run the risks of being without insurance anymore. Overall, I'm in good health but unexpected costs can nearly eat up a months worth of income. For example, root canals can cost anywhere starting from $3,000 for the visit. If you're a contract/pert-time/per diem nurse in Canada with no benefits, did you buy a private plan? If so, what company would you recommend?

    Would be really nice to have dental again, and reduction on Rx costs
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  3. by   Infirmiere797
    As far as I know, insurance can be a great help in reducing risks. You are also right about the company benefits. I hope someday when I get my certificates done I get to work at a company with lots of benefits.
  4. by   companisbiki
    I am thankful to be living in BC where as per BCNU casual nurses can pay for their benefits as well as their families and can get all their fees returned after working almost 1000 hours a year
  5. by   Fiona59
    Look into Blue Cross. They always have ads offering plans to those who don't have benefits through their employers.
  6. by   peripateticRN
    I am newly without benefits in my position and picked up Blue Cross - my plan is about 75/month and has decent coverage for everything except prescription meds (but that is because of an outstanding issue that I hope to have resolution on in a few months. When this happens I'll be able to transition to a better drug plan for only a few dollars more a month). It covers dental up to a reasonable limit, basic extended care (Chiro/massage etc) and emergency care if needed (ambulance/medivac etc). Hope that helps. Good Luck!
  7. by   Infirmiere797
    ^ I need coverage for my medications. Unless I can afford my own medications, then there is no need.
  8. by   peripateticRN
    They will cover meds up to like 10k a year (or more??) - you can pick the plan based on how much you want to pay. For me, my issue is a short term thing, and I am not on any meds so I picked the plan with the lowest coverage until I'm cleared and can pay essentially the same amount for several thousand $$ of coverage. I could have paid more now to have more coverage, I just didn't go that route... make sense?