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  1. Hi All
    I am a Permanent Resident presently in PEI. I got my NNAS report saying somewhat comparable,but didn't include BC in my application.
    I am considering moving to BC,what are the steps i need in getting a license to practice as an RN or LPN. What is the length of time?
    Anyone with an idea please?
    Thank you
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  3. by   dishes
    If you haven't already done so, look at the IEN application instructions on the BC nursing regulatory bodies websites ( and Also, look at NNAS instructions for sending your advisory report to the BC regulatory bodies.
    You can use the search tool on the top right hand side of AN to find threads from other IENs who were successful in becoming licensed in BC.
  4. by   companisbiki
    Pay more money to nnas and have them send your evaluation results to CRNBC... and wait for their response... it will take some time plus you also may need to take an extra exam (NCAS) as well as a refresher course, which is 1 year maximum
  5. by   raindrops1234
    This is a little bit different due to it being different provinces BUT I had an Alberta RN license and applied for my Nova Scotia RN license on March 6th, and I received it on April 25th. So it was definitely a long process.
  6. by   Voni4real
    Thank you @ashleykirsten112
  7. by   Voni4real
    I have done that. Thank you
  8. by   Voni4real
    Thank you
  9. by   RN_Pro
    Where did you receive your nursing education?

    LPN will be easier to obtain.
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    LPN will be easier.
  13. by   ZaRn
    Its a relief having found a Nigerian trained nurse that has gotten her AR from Nnas. I am in the process of getting the forms submitted back to them. Please, my concerns are
    1. Are you a BScN or GNM?
    2. If GNM, did you submit your Midwifery transcript and course description for evaluation? OR do you think it is necessary?
    3. Did u submit 2 sets of forms to your school, employers and NMCN for the RN and lpn nursing groups?
    ThankU for you help
  14. by   ZaRn
    Also what was your timeline for the entire process.
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