Failed OIIQ Exam 3 times, can 1 transfer to another province?

  1. This is a "what-if" situation. We all know that when you fail the CRNE, you must retake the whole course or find another calling. But what are your chances if you moved to Quebec? Likewise for a Quebec graduate nurse who had failed 3 times, will she be able to start all over through the CRNE?Just wondering. thanks for all your inputs.
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  3. by   alta gracia
    hi, i am new to allnurses and i am still orienting myself with the site when i came across this thread; i also am going to be a student for the nursing integration program (for internationally educated nurses) in quebec this coming january and am curious if i can apply for licensure exam somewhere else, say in ontario, after i finished studying the program. what will the requirements be? any help and advice will be highly regarded. i know that there is no way i can become a licensed nurse in quebec if i don't pass the french exam and i strongly believe i can NOT pass the french exam that's why i plan to take the immersion program in quebec and write the exam somewhere else ... what does anybody think of this?
  4. by   Fiona59
    Honestly, that you are using the system. You were permitted to migrate to Quebec because their immigration programmers felt you wanted to live there not use them as a backdoor to the rest of Canada
  5. by   alta gracia
    i have been leaving here for 10 years now and i'd say as an immigrant, there is no personal and professional satisfaction. if you come here with a family, you'll need to work to whatever lowly position available- most of which are the ones that do not require french comprehension. speaking from my experience, i'd rather work a 2nd job than attend a part-time french class. after 10 years, i have finally gotten a break from working and start schooling. i just felt like this is my only chance to a good breather.

    you may ask how come i never studied french if i (we) intended to stay long here, well the government's support is not enough for us if we depended on it; while it is still not enough if my husband solely holds a job. believe me, we tried to stay loyal to the province because it opened its doors for us. we can carry out a daily conversational french but it's nowhere near a professional level. i am sure i won't pass the frech language exam unless i attend a full time (if i want to finish the course quickly) french class; quality time with my kids has suffered enough thru the years and i don't want it to stay that way.

    i thank the province for the chance of living in canada but there has been no improvements so far, i think it's time to move on- don't you think? so do have some advice for me? do you know if other provinces will accept reciprocity if say for example i passed the oiiq exam after the course?

    thank you Fiona for your comment
  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    If you haven't used your nursing education in 10 years, even after taking the IEN integration program and passing the OIIQ exam, it's quite possible that you won't be permitted to write the CRNE in any other province without a significant refresher program. Your best bet for accurate information is to contact the college of nursing in the province where you might want to write the exam and ask them for an opinion.
  7. by   alta gracia
    thank you janfrn your comment is useful. guess i have to finish the integration program first, then i'll start planning from there. i just want to commend you and everyone here on allnurses for the informations you share and advices that you give so welcomely. i stayed the whole night last night reading on some very interesting and useful topics. kudos!