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I am Msc student in adult health nursing and I need the nursing implication in my research. So what is nursing implication in antihypertensive medication adherence research? Thanks

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Why don't you tell us your thoughts on the nursing implications so we can respond otherwise we are doing your homework 

I confused on nursing implication and nursing intervention that is why need for clarification

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 Nursing Interventions are actions that nurses take to promote health, prevent disease, and help patients heal and recover from illness and injury. 

Nursing implications refer to the consequences or effects of nurses' action or lack of action.

For antihypertension management:

Intervention example:

  • Providing  hypertension education to patient/family: definition, blood pressure readings, disease process,  diet and foods that affect high blood pressure
  • Medication instruction; instruct how to space out meds when on multiple hypertensive meds ; checking patients pill bottles during office visit for # pills remaining in medication bottle to eval compliance
  • Instruct how to use automatic blood pressure cuff

While nursing implication examples:

  • Holding hypertensive medication as blood pressure 70/50 and patient complaining of dizziness,  notifies prescribing physician
  • Reviewing lab work for BUN/creatine and potassium level for patient on diuretic med; failure to notify physician of K+= 6.2, patient coded.
  • Use TEACH BACK method to confirm that you have explained things in a manner your patients understand

Thanks very much

please another person share me your experience on nursing implication

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Tell us what you think an implication could be so we can offer you further advice.

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Your original question was posted June 11. What have your own studies revealed to you in the way of nursing implications.Not trying to be difficult but trying to get you thinking like a nurse. 

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