Nursing with Hyperhidrosis

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I just recently started nursing school and I'm really concerned about my ability to pursue this career. I have a condition called hyperhidrosis which causes severe excessive sweating of my hands and feet, at time my hands drip. It makes touching my peers during assessment and putting on gloves difficult. It has prevented me from pursuing so many things in my life but I've always wanted to be a nurse. Are there any nurses here that have hyperhidrosis and managed to overcome the sweating and have success working as a nurse?


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Hi! I do not have hyperhidrosis, but a suggestion/question. Have you ever done the Botox injections? Apparently it works pretty well. If you haven't already, maybe talk to your doctor about it.

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Cotton gloves under the regular ones will help. And a small facecloth in your pocket to wipe your hands.