Where do you report a dead body?

  1. Last Fall, one of my residents and his wife had enjoyed some time out on the grounds. She brought him back in and I was giving him his meds and we were talking and laughing like we usually do. Suddenly, out of the blue she asked me, "Where do I go to report a dead body?" I was a little stunned as this is not a question I hear often, or is asked so casually, in the Long Term Healthcare Facility for the Elderly that I work at. My reaction was not what she expected, as I just looked at her and said, "Excuse me?" She suddenly realized how what she had asked sounded and she started laughing hysterically. Turns out they had gotten a whiff of an obviously dead animal, Whew.....what a relief! We still laugh about this but I have to admit, she shook me up for a minute or two.
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  3. by   kennedyj
    One day while in a park I saw a body of a homeless man lying on his back with arms dangled on the side. His head was almost off the cement table tongue hanging out and all. Me and another person went over and touched him on the arm sure he was dead. He awoke and was cussing!