Tweety Bird

  1. A young girl brings her canary to the Vetanerian, because her dear friend hasn't chirped in a few days. After a few moments, the Vet says to the young lady that the bird has passed.

    The young lady says, " are you absolutely sure"? Tweety is such a great pal. Everybody loves Tweety.

    The doctor says, "I'm terribly sorry dear, but unfortunately Tweety is gone"!

    Remembering conversations that her mom always has between other physicians; the young lady says, "well, I want a second opinion".

    So immediately the Veterinarian lets out a loud and long whistle.
    And this gorgeous Golden Labrador Retriever jumps up on the table, and begins to take deep inhalations of Tweety's boy odor for about a minute. Then takes his nose and nudges little Tweety. After a few moments the Lab turns around, jumps on the floor, holding his head down, and whining as he leaves the room.

    The Vet looks at the young girl, and says "see... I told you, unfortunately, Tweety is gone"!

    The girl, says "well that's not good enough, I want to make absolutely sure".
    "I want one more opinion".

    And with that, the vet says, "here kitty-kitty-kitty", "here kitty-kitty".
    Seconds later, this fabulous gray Persian cat leaps on the table, and starts licking Tweety's face and belly. Then she begins to gently stroke Tweey's head. After about 15 seconds, the Persian, starts meowing in such an unhappy fashion and leaves the room as well.

    The Vet looked at the young girl and feeling horrible inside and said, "well dear, I'm terribly sorry. We all concur with my original diagnosis".

    So the young girl says, "thank you Dr. for trying and I really appreciate your effort.
    How much do I owe you for your time"?

    The doctor waits a moment and responds by saying "$350.00'.
    The young girl says, "that's highway robbery.
    You want me to pay you $350.00 for a 15 minute diagnosis, and my friend is dead"?

    The Vet said, "I would've charged you the standard office visit of $15.00 for my original evaluation; but I had to charge you extra for the Lab-Report and Cat-Scan"...
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