tips to a successufl ER visit - page 3

Hi there folks! Just sitting here in front of the boob tube pondering the things that REALLY help to make a trip to the ER a great experience... 1. Know that when you walk in that we care, just... Read More

  1. by   amy
    Shelia, hope everything is going well; good luck and get that man home!
  2. by   Zee_RN
    Amy, your stuff was funny. I really liked it.

    It's the idiots who keep coming to the ER for non-emergent reasons that keep the REALLY sick people from getting the treatment they need as quickly as they need it. Obviously no one finds it funny when something truly bad happens. Imagine the wonderful assessments and prompt care the E.D.s of the world would be able to provide if the sprained toes, sore throats and itchie cootchies stayed home and actually saw their doctor instead of coming to the E.D.!

    C'mon people, this is a HUMOR thread.