The nurses day

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    The Nurses Day

    It's been a terrible day - how can we explain?
    The staffing was good no cause to complain
    All senior staff - knew their job well
    But still in all the day's been like Hell!

    There was old Mr Bill he decided to fight
    While we held his left he hit with his right
    And old Mr Parker has taken off for the bush
    We still haven't found him in all the day's rush

    And old Mr Rucheff spat out his morning feed
    And then Mrs Roseway she started to bleed
    We just got her right all under control
    When in five new admissions started to roll!

    And then Mrs Phyllis (she's used to private care)
    Started to demand why the staff wasn't there
    And how could the cook serve her such a dish
    And didn't we all know she was allergic to fish!

    And old Mrs Beamis she wanted the commode
    I took it away but Lord What a Load!
    The commode you all know the wheels are all skew
    I cornered too fast and out the pan flew!

    The pan hit the floor with a terrible smash
    Up flew the contents and come down with a splash
    I looked around in horror just what could I do
    The floor, the walls, the ceiling all covered in Poo!

    And now they've told us- Oh it just isn't fair
    the staffing's not right it's all up in the air
    We've too many staff we have to cut back
    So I don't care anymore - please give me the sack!

    by Wendy Harper
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