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during my 30 years in emergency medicine, i have seen and heard many dumb statements from patients visiting the er. however, when i relocated to a rural hospital, this patient took the "dumber than... Read More

  1. by   christina_v
    This is very entertaining..I love people..I simply cannot wait to be able to be there helping them.....
  2. by   mt.serinity
    As a new nurse, (a few years ago) I had to discharge a patient who lost the argument with the ER doctor over more pain meds. This patient was 6' 2" 225 pounds and a handsome crossdresser. I walked into his (or her) room and said "Okay, Michael, here are your discharge instructions." to which a voice very much like James Earl Jones replied, "I like to be called Amanda." It was all I could do to simply say "Sign here please."
  3. by   Diary/Dairy

    I also wanted to ammend my previous post to add anyone intoxicated! They are all odd!
  4. by   mt.serinity
    the child was diagnosed with an upper resp infection because "shallow gene pool" wasn't on the list of options...
  5. by   ERRN92
    Family brought in their newly diagnosed diabetic pt. said that they were having trouble keeping him awake all day. They werent sure how to use the glucometer but were taught to treat low blood sugar if they didnt know for sure. His daugther said they had been giving him water and diabetic candy all day but it did make a difference. At the hospital, his bs was too load to read. Bless their hearts, they at least cared enough to bring him to the er.
  6. by   TCRNCOB61
    About 15 years ago I had a 16 year old come into triage (L&D) with back pain and mild contractions, 39 weeks. She was not in labor. D/C instructions included that she could soak in a tub to relive her back pain. Her Grandmother, whom had brought her in, just about went nuts on me. She told me that the baby (the one inside the 16 year old) would DROWN if she soaked in a tub.

    It was all I could do to get them on their way.............
  7. by   treysdaddy08
    I had a friend, 16 yo, go to the hospital for acute appendicitice. When she got there the doctor told her that it wasn't appendicitice, she was going into labor. She was 9 mos pregnant and had no idea
  8. by   Caretech82
    I work in a Cardiac stepdown unit at night. We had a patient who was sent to us post-op from heart surgery. He was one angry guy all the time who had a nasty attitude with all the staff and he was a Preist!! Anyways, the nurse ran out of his room laughing one night because her conversation went as follows:

    Nurse) "Mr.X, your doctor would like you to wear this C-Pap machine so we can keep your O2 levels above 90.

    Patient) " I don't care! I don't have to wear that NOR will I wear my Pap-Smear!! Regardless what the doc says I'm not wearing it!!"

    Nurse)"Um, sir, the machine is called a C-Pap, not Pap-Smear. A pap-smear is a women's annual exam.

    Patient) "I'm not in the medical feild! And I'm not wearing it anyways!"

    Funniest story to date. The patient was arrogant and ill mannered. Somedays it's just best not to come in. Nothing's better than getting yelled at by a person who has no clue what their talking about when all your trying to do is help them.:trout: This is why I am going to be a Sonographer and not a nurse.

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