Tell me the funniest, most embarasin thing that happened to you while working :)

  1. I need a good laugh!

    I havnt been there long, so I dont have much of a story to share but this is about as funny as I can come up with . . .

    The other night there was a pile of loose BM on the floor that I was absolutley unaware of, and I slid right in it. both of my shoes were covered in poo. I rinsed them off in the hopper room, but they were soaked. the rest of the shift I was making a "squish, squish " when ever I walked. it was funny everyone is like "I hear Amanda coming" then to make things worse I had a little I had a little bout of the weak stomachness due to an ulcer, while I was mopping up the poo so that no one else would slide in it, and I hurled on the residnets bed!!! NICE ONE! then i had to do a complete bed change.
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  3. by   andrewsgranny
    Hey Mandi, I'll reply here. Speaking of falling, When I worked in L&D it was about 2am we had the mother on the table, daddy positioned above her head and we were all waiting on the Dr. Well at 2am the Dr. isnt in a hurry, and the mother got the urge to push and did. Well the other nurse with me hollered "get the insturments to me" I ran around the delivery table, pushed the insterment table toward her and the green sopa fell over. We didnt know. Everything was Kwel.(we thought) Well the mother screamed and pushed her came the baby, and I ran around to help and hit that green soap and went flying!
    MAN oh MAN! I made Michael Jackson look bad! I did the splits, hit the concrete floor, jumped back up and delivered a baby.
    Needless to say the Dr. didnt make it for the delivery(again) and I think that was one time I was glad he didnt. I never lived down my Michael Jackson image.
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  4. by   tattooednursie
    Ha ha ha ha! that is too funny Micheal Jackson eh? were ya wearing tight pants too LOL
  5. by   renerian
    LOL I was precepting a new grad on the hem/onc floor and teaching her how to spike a blood bag. She spiked in the tube and ended up going through the bag and they blood spilled all over the floor. Made quite a mess. She was so embarrased but we both started laughing.........

    One time the elevator stopped unevenly from the floor. ABout 6 inches lower than the floor. I did not look in and stepped forward and fell flat on my face.....................of course there were people in there............LOL....

  6. by   andrewsgranny
    ==lol thats funny. And you would know that soomeone would have to witness you falling on your face==lol
  7. by   renerian
    Granny always a witness around for a fall LOL