Teasers Anonymous

  1. I have a problem. I am a happy person and like to laugh and have fun, be it at home or at work. One of the things I have fun with is teasing people at times. Nothing that can be considered harrassment, but, "pulling their leg" type of thing. I got into trouble with my boss, teasing at the wrong time. Now I'm thinking that I need to learn how to re-program my brain so that I don't pull legs and tease. I suppose behavior modification type of stuff. Anybody have any ideas? I even looked to see if there was a teasers anonymous group! :chuckle I'm still laughing, but only in the closet!
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  3. by   sb22
    That's a shame! There is nothing wrong with teasing as long as you are not cutting people down. I say keep smiling and they will either get over it or die miserable.
  4. by   lisasmom
    I agree with sb22, there is nothing wrong with teasing people. I love to laugh and joke.There is too much sadness in the world. We need more fun and funny people