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Dear Ma & Pa: Am well. Hope you are. Tell brother Walt & Brother Elmer the Marine Corps beats working for old man Minch by a mile. Tell them to join up quick before maybe all the places are... Read More

  1. by   suzannasue
    :roll :chuckle
    heh heh..tee hee hee...oh yeah... I know these ppl....
    thanks gwenith....needed a laugh today!!!! But you forgot about NASCAR being included in our wedding vows at least twice !!!!

    cuzzin Sue
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  2. by   Sable's mom
    how about . . . when your neighbors ARE on Jerry Springer?!?!
  3. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Or when you can drive your home away because it still has wheels on it...

    When there is more than 1 car in your yard on cinder blocks!

    When someone yells HOE DOWN! and your sister drops to the floor!!

    When you stare at a carton of OJ cause it says CONCENTRATE!!

    :roll :chuckle :roll
  4. by   Shamrock
  5. by   frann
    :roll :roll :roll
    MY hubby was thinking this was a real letter

  6. by   rnnurse2be
  7. by   kids
    Welcome to my life.

    And yes, I have taken a beer to a job interview.

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