Patient & Family Confusion

  1. Elderly man brought to ER by wife/daughter. Had fallen with facial trauma and nosebleed and is on coumadin. Man is very hard of hearing so I ask history first from wife.

    Me: Why is your husband on Coumadin?
    Wife: The doctor ordered it.

    Me: (heavy sigh) Yes, I am sure he did, do you know why?
    Wife: I don't know.

    Now daughter is here, so I ask her

    Me: Why is your dad on coumadin?
    Daughter: It's a blood thinner.
    Me: (another, very heavy sigh) Yes it is , thank you. Why does your dad need a blood thinner?
    Daughter (This is the exact response) His blood was too thick.

    Me: (To myself - I think) I am going to have to kill you and your family right now!

    Gotta love it.
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  3. by   MandyInMS
    Makes me think of an Alzheimers pt I had last fusses when he's "wild" ..then complains if you give him something to calm him down saying he's sleeping too much....conclusion: You just can't win
  4. by   purplemania
    asked an adolescent with N/V if she was sexually active. Answer was no. Serum preg. test was positive. When I asked did she understand my question about being sexually active she replied: "Oh, I thought you meant recently."