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The other day another nurse and I are on the way out of the hospital in the parking garage. The smell of rotting eggs is suddenly hanging in the air. The other nurse says "Ewwww, what the heck smells... Read More

  1. by   beckster_01
    Last night I realized that I consider it a complement when a patient calls me a PITA- and I'm not talking about the bread- it actually makes me happy/proud of myself! And only a nurse would consider it devastating when both the electronic charting system at work AND allnurses go through major interface (? If that's the right word) changes within two weeks of each other. You mean things have to CHANGE?!?
  2. by   Sehille4774
    The other night my sister was reading riddles to me and we were trying to guess the answers.

    Sister: "A man dies of thirst but he had plenty of did this happen?"

    Me: Screamed excitedly from downstairs: "He has diabetes insipidus! Give him some DDAPV!"

    Sister: (with exasperation): It's not that kind of question! The answer is he was shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean on a raft"

    Me: Awww .....

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  3. by   Wonderlost
    This is not something I have said, but a quote from Nurse Jackie that cracks me up...

    "Vomit away from the ear Zoe!!"
  4. by   rnsrgr8t
    I work in urology and we are always asking parents to describe hematuria in relationship to beverages.... pink lemonade, cranberry juice, tomato juice etc. I did have one parent compare it to different types of wine (blush, merlot etc ). Funny how I can still drink them and not think anything about it!
  5. by   tojal1989
    Had a similar situation.. I was training with another nurse and the pt with a trach asks "can you deep throat me". The nurse stepped out of the room and was dying laughing. I just said, yes we will deep SUCTION you lol
  6. by   sandyfeet
    Not an RN who said this, but still would sound weird outside of a hospital:
    (determining the need for a lumbar puncture)
    "Yeah, I'd tap that".
  7. by   nursecat64
    AAHGG I'll never eat cookie dough again!!
  8. by   uRNmyway
    Wow, well thats kind of offensive. I dont know about where YOU work but nurses here do more than just delegate
  9. by   uRNmyway
    Quote from Bgp0231
    How many nurses does it take to screw in a light bulb? None they just tell a nursing assistant to do it..
    My previous comment was in response to this
  10. by   Rhi007
    We only go to the hospital if your dying, sorry sweetie!!
  11. by   jenlou1571
    we get it from nursing school.. I am getting ready to start my last semester in school and this is what we have been told to tell patients..

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