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I am week 4 in a 6 week orientation as a new RN in LTC/Rehab. I have done some really stupid stuff so far :lol2: Highlights: 10)__ Tried to hook up an IV antibiotic with kangaroo (g-tube)... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from happyloser
    i was caring for an elderly patient who had suffered a stroke, i took her blood pressure at 1500 and it was 130/78, nothing out of the ordinary. i return 15 minutes later to do a blood glucose, explained the procedure to the patient and when the accucheck machine read 23, i ran to the nurses station looking for the nurse. she put her arm around my shoulder and walked with me to the room. then she said "why did you check a blood glucose on a dead person" she had died in the 15 minutes between the bp and accucheck... she was a dnr.
    wow. just . . . wow!
  2. by   canesdukegirl
    * I was working with a very sweet, very SOUTHERN CRNA one day. She was moving to Texas, and wanted to learn spanish. One of our scrub techs was from the Dominican Republic, and was coaching her one day as the CRNA was extubating. He taught her to say, "Breathe deeply", which is "Rispirar profundo" in spanish. She didn't quite get the gist of the inflection, and the ST was laughing uncontrollably. The CRNA was good hearted and assumed that the ST was laughing at her incredibly strong southern drawl. When the ST finally caught his breath, he told her that she was saying, "Rispirar puta", which translated into "breathe, whore!"

    *I didn't realize how messy Lymphazurin was. Nobody ever told me NOT to put air in the vial before drawing it up. I was labeled, "Blue Devil Girl" after the dye exploded all over my face when I drew the needle out of the vial. Can't wash that stuff off easily!
  3. by   Chixie
    Ive got a cracker of one! Id been on the ortho floor for three weeks and i asked a fellow nurse what the difference was between a cemented and uncemented hip replacement was. She looked at me as though i was crazy and said 'well....erm cement you twit'

    I felt so ******* stupid!
  4. by   kybreyes54
    I'm still trying to figure out where you work that gives 6 weeks orintation in LTC Facility??....Where I work, you be good to get 3-4 days to know all and be shown all....But loved the experiences you have had so far..
  5. by   evelyn27
    That's hilarious! It happens to the best of us, thanks for sharing.
  6. by   evelyn27
    Lol I did that as well....I jumped about a foot, too!
  7. by   pma.rn
    Same goes for me too. Maybe I'll post my disoriented moments on my training.
  8. by   uRNmyway
    My very first day of orientation on what I thought was my dream job mother-baby department (turned out not to be at all, but that is a whole other story!). I was trying my darned best to look like a competent nurse. Walk out of a patient room with the nurse I am shadowing, and reach for the disinfectant bottle at the door. This was before they had the foam stuff. I think you can guess where I am going with this. In front of my mentor and a bunch of flustered new dads, got a big squirt of antibacterial in my eye. Tried to play it off as best I could "I'm fine, really I am!". But when my eye went cherry red, they made me go to the ER to get my eye flushed. Spent my first lunch hour lying on an ER stretcher getting my eye irrigated. I was SO embarrassed when I went back to the floor!
  9. by   Tarabara
    Just a few months off orientation myself and I still feel pretty stupid at times. Just the other day I forgot the clamp the pt's NG suction after I gave him meds I also learned the hard way that once you spike a bag, you cant unspike it...vancomycin is very sticky! lol
  10. by   GitanoRN
    Many moons ago... I recall one of several mistakes during my first orientation week however, one memory stands out from the rest and it goes as follows. Having said that, I'm in my all white starched uniform as my preceptor is instructing me on how to change a colostomy bag, then she wants me to perform the task on another pt. everything went right until the pt. himself said "You did just right, it's well secure" as he slapped the colostomy bag and the feces landed all over my pants and shinny shoes Needless to say, from there on I double check any clamp on colostomy pts.