Midnight confessional!!!

  1. My fellow nurse and i, are having a slow night, so we want to hear some fun, dirty sexy crazy stuff lol

    whats the worst thing you have ever done or seen in your nursing career!?!

    Dont be shy!!
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  3. by   PinkRocksLikeMe
    Well I have had quite the day, but I will leave one note that maybe you all will get a good laugh out of, I am glad to spread cheer while I sit here and die in shame. I had drop a foley day, I was going to do it myself as we were VERY VERY BUSY, but I did try and see that was NOT going to happen, I went to desk and said "I need some help please" the only people at said nursing station was ER desk clerk, charge nurse that was on the phone and who comes around the corner but yes, my boss who was happy to help me, he always is (GREAT GUY) well me being a relatively new tech there (I am a EMT) I was nervous even though I have done so many of these I could probably do it blindfolded. I got everything set up, and he says no you go ahead I will help with position etc. Well while trying to drop this foley on a patient with AMS they kicked their foot, what did I do for my knee jerk reaction was to take my "dirty hand" and it was dirty to grab her leg, my kit, whichever I could reach 1st and smack him right across his cheek while doing so....

    There is no greeting card that can quite cover that......Let the laughter begin.
  4. by   Peeker19
    OK OK OK I will have to chime in....OK so on the topic of foley's. I had a pt that was a littler elderly man who had fallen and broken his hip had not had any previous medical problems and he was 80! I had to start the foley and I walked into the room in my usual hustle hurry up task mode. I whipped the covers back and he was shall we say a little "firm". So I turned around and gave him a minute to get it under control. I go to put it in and I cannot get it around this mans gigantic prostate. So i got another pair of hands to help and smaller fr and it went in. So at the end of the shift when we I wished him well with surgery that day he says to me " I want you to know that was the first time I have ever been intimate with a female nurse" BBBBAAAHHHHH I think my face was so red it was purple and I just told him that he was an excellent patient and I left. Makes me laugh just thinking about it