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i have heard a few...anyone alse? "my cousin's son has smilin' men-in-jesus." (spinal meningitis) "i have sick-as-hell anemia." (sickle cell anemia) "my doctor said i have romantic heart... Read More

  1. by   frankie
    :chuckle :chuckle
    what about "Smilin Mighty Jesus" or "Roaches of the Liver"?
    These were two I remember from the med school list at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. frankie
  2. by   Cubby
    Originally posted by flowerchild
    Don't forget about "Old Timers"!
    Unfortunatlly alot of people who should know better refer to Alzheimers as "old timers" or "alttimers" Oh well you got to laugh or go crazy!