Lets write a funny/scary nursing story. Add your paragraph.

  1. This is kinda like all of the other add your own part to the story, but there is a TWIST

    I really want to write a comedy/horror about a hospital SO I want it to make sense, but be funnier than heck. I will start by saying that the plot is about a hospital that has ghosts of former patients who like to play jokes on the staff.

    It was late on a July evening shift. It was almost time for shift change. A thunderstorm was begining to kick up. As both shifts' nurses went into report, the call lights of scared resedents were running the CNA's ragged. One CNA named Mandi was fascinated by thunderstorms, but scared to death of the dark. While on her way to answer a call light, the lights went off, and the emergency generator did not kick in. "Turn the lights back on! Some body, andbody! I'm all alone over here."

    The building was pitch black, and no one could see a thing. Mandi felt a hand on her shoulder. "Who's that?" She asked. there was no answer. "She tried to feel whoever was touching her. She still felt the hand on her shoulder, but when she reached back she coudnt feel anyone. The lights came back on . . .
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  3. by   Noney
    Mandy found herself looking directly in the face of another CNA. This CNA, Ruth, looked 20 years older. Shocked Mandy stuttered "Ruth?"

    Ruth appeared to not hear Mandy. She then walked threw Mandy. Mandy looked at the reflection in a nearby window; She couldn't see herself only Ruth! Mandy looked at the calendar on the wall the date was July 14, 2023. Mandy was becoming frightened. Then looked at a plaque on the wall. It read this hall was dedicated to a CNA named Mandy. May her sppirit rest in peace.
  4. by   tattooednursie
    (OMG Noney, I actually had a dream sort of like this. I think I'll play it out.)

    "How did I die?" She shouted. The staff members of the future did not hear her! "Earth to anyone! Can any body hear me!"
    Mandi was frusterated that no one could see nor hear her. "I'm like . . . I'm like a ghost!"
    An old man came strolling down the hall in his walker. "Hey! you! Do you know how I died?" There was no answer. He stared at the plaque, and then his dentures fell out on the floor. Naturally Mandi picked them up. The man took the floating dentures and put them in his mouth. He went to the nurses station. Stuttering, he told the staff about the floating dentures. They didn't really believe it, but they pretended to. Mandi made her way into the nurses station too. She decided to have a little fun with her trip through a time warp. Mandi saw 2 aides chatting at the nurses station. she went into all of their rooms and set off all their call lights, even the ones in empty rooms. . .
  5. by   night owl
    Thr CNA's looked at each other as if to say, huh???? Mandi stood in the background laughing her butt off as she watched the CNA's scramble to all the rooms. "I didn't call for you." said Mrs Peters, and Mrs Bright who was comatose obviously didn't call anyone either. All the residents were fast asleep except Mr. Edwards who was finger-painting his latest art noveau. One CNA yelled out to the other, "I found one problem, come give me a hand." The other CNA did not answer her. She looked out into the hallway and again said, "Come here in room 206 I need help please." There still was no answer. The CNA went looking for her, but she was nowhere to be found... No one was to be found......
  6. by   chipper
    "Well, isn't that like AdaLee to skip out when there is a messy job to be taken care of!", said B.M. She went down to the linen closet wondering where everyone went. It was then she heard the faint tinkling of music coming from the closed off hall way door. The fact that it was too quiet in the hall she was at, and being somewhat scared, she went to the door. The music was of the Big Band era. There was laughter rising in waves as B.M. opened the door.
    The smell of stale cigarette smoke, talcum powder, and body sweat meet her nostrils. The in the midst was AdaLee doing the Charleston with a handsome man in what appeared to be a aviator's uniform. B.M. was startled that every one was wearing 1940's style dress. She recongized several of her patients, but something wasn't quite right with that. That is when she realized that she had stepped through a time portal that took her back into history when her patients were at their prime.
  7. by   Noney
    BM suddenly became dizzy the room was spinning she felt herself falling...........

    At first the noises BM heard were soft and non recognicable." MMM, BBBB, OOO"

    As she listened they became words" Miss Betty Oh please wake up."

    Betty (BM) laid there feeling sheets against her skin and felt and IV in her hand. She felt a tube coming out of her stomach! "Where am I?" she thought.

    She looked around. She was in a hospital room. She was looking up at a young woman in srubs. She woman yelled" Oh my goodness! She's awake after all this time!"

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