July 4th: why women live longer than men

  1. I read this Medscape article on fireworks injuries and thought this statistic was pretty funny. 74% of fireworks injuries happen to males 26% females. Medscape: Medscape Access
    A shout out to social media for it's tireless Darwinian pursuit of creating a better idiot. At least one video shows some females are trying to fix this discriminatory statistic. showing that stupidity does not discriminate.
    Butt Launched Fireworks Failures - Happy 4th of July! - YouTube
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  3. by   Cat365
    Definitely held true in my ER on the fourth. Every fireworks injury that I saw was male. (Most but not all we're doing something that wouldn't be considered safe handing) One female who was in the back observing and just happened to be in the way of an errant firework that launched laterally rather than vertically.
  4. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    On the 3rd, my BP was ^ and I was told by a friend that maybe I should go to the ER.
    Uh-uh, no dice! I said "Do you think I want to go sit in the waiting room while a parade of fireworks-injured idiots gets to be seen before I am?"
    My BP came down to normal-ish with an add'l half-dose of BP med. The injured were still injured.

    What is it about fireworks that brings out the stupidity in people?
    "Look! Look! Watch THIS!!!"

    ......"Someone call 911, quick!"
  5. by   Orca
    Somehow some people about four blocks away from me managed to get some commercial grade fireworks last year. The resultant fire took out a palm tree and about 50 people went to the hospital.

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