If A Dog Were Your Teacher

  1. great life lessons from a master teacher......

    if a dog were your teacher
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  3. by   sirI
    I cannot get the page to load, NRSKarenRN.
  4. by   ElvishDNP
    Very cute!! Sometimes I wonder which species really has it all figured out lol!
  5. by   sirI
    I checked again and got to see it.

    Really liked the pictures. Especially the last one. Love the music, too.
  6. by   nurscee
    The cheerleading dog was just tooo much!
  7. by   CiCigirl
    this was great...especially the one about biting.
  8. by   muffie
    that was cute
  9. by   sissyboo
  10. by   spiceyqueen
    take naps and stretch before rising.......ooooh!!!!!
    and the pics are just beautiful
  11. by   Medic/Nurse
    That was major cute.

    Reminded me of a "incident" recently -

    Got a call from hospital education that one of "your nurses" is over here in the OR saying that she is here to intubate for the day. (She was and it is all part of competency) Anyway, in addition to being all worked up - she then mentions:
    "She doesn't even have a name tag"
    I explained that we do not have photo ID yet and the name tags just velcro on the flight suit - so...just call back and we'll confirm personal information or whatever. She gets into a further snit (Didn't really think that was possible)
    "So, how do you even know who works there?"
    I explained:
    "Well since we all sleep together - we just kinda sniff one another and if you don't belong we know real quick!" OKAY - I"M KIDDING! But, I THOUGHT ABOUT IT


    The one that was left out -

    Never s*** where you eat!

    Dogs are so smart!