Having a baby - page 2

Two brunettes and a blond are pregnant, so, they pay a visit to the local clinic for a routine check-up. And while they are in the waiting room, the topic of gender comes up. The first brunette says,... Read More

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    Quote from jnette

    to: futurern
    ...for REAL ??? :uhoh21:
    ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh....she's 14. :uhoh21:
  2. by   nurseunderwater
    Quote from unikuelady
    Ok I must be a dumb brunette......I took the joke to mean that the blond made the baby with her husband in "the doggy position".
    um....I think you are right.
  3. by   unikuelady
    Thank you underwater nurse for your reply.....I was beginning to worry. lol