Gender neutral bicycle!

  1. So about two months ago with my new pain management doctor's blessing I started riding my bike to work. It's one mile each way but going home is all uphill. It's been a successful experiment and I feel pretty good.

    Today as I was getting my bike out of the galley closet one on the staff commented that it was a man's bike and she was having trouble finding a women's bike. I work with teens in psych crises and have many LGBTQ patients so I said It's not a man's bike it's a gender neutral bike! The kids got a good laugh out of it.

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  3. by   SouthpawRN
    The only difference was the absence of the top bar which allowed getting on and off, along with pedaling while wearing a skirt. Why Men’s Bicycles Have a Horizontal Crossbar and Women’s Bicycles Typically Don’t
  4. by   Phil-on-a-bike
    There was a running joke amongst my friends and I, when we were about 12 or so.

    It would start with: "I saw you on your bike the other day...."

    "Oh aye?"

    "Aye. It's got nae crossbar."

    OR: "It's got a little basket on the front", "It's got pink tassels on the handlebars", "It's got 'Barbie' written on it", etc.

    We came up with dozens of variations.
    Basically: your bike? Girl's bike.
    Officially the funniest thing in the world when you're 12.
  5. by   audreysmagic
    LOL! That gave me a good chuckle. Not long ago, before stuffed animals officially became contraband at our facility, I had a adolescent patient with a teddy bear she'd given a male-sounding name to. Her outside case manager brought her a dress for the bear and by the next day, the bear was "Samantha." We too have a lot of LGBTQ kids in our population, so when she asked me what I thought of Samantha's situation, I just told her, "I respect Samantha's gender." By the end of the day, that statement was the punchline to every single increasingly outlandish situation the girl and her friends on the unit had put Samantha in...