Funny intern stories

  1. What's your best intern/resident story?

    I work L&D, and our hospital hosts a family practice residency. Most of them don't care for L&D at all, and do as little as possible in our unit. It would be nice if they would study a bit before they showed up, though.

    Dr. K wandered out to the desk not too long ago and said, "Miss Jane said something about the cord falling out in room 8." Of course, we all run to room 8 to discover that yes, Jane was elbow-deep in a woman holding the baby's head off the prolapsed cord. The tech and I start unplugging monitors, prepping, placing a foley, etc. in preparation for a run to the OR. Dr. K wanders back in and stands there until we scream at him to go scrub. He honestly didn't know that it was a big deal.

    Dr. M pulled back the sheets on a triage patient only to discover that there were two tiny feet emerging from the pt's vagina. And then he proceeded to pull on the feet. Thank God our manager understands that screaming is allowed if the recipient of the scream is doing something incredibly stupid.

    June can be such an entertaining, exasperating month, but it is fun to see them mature and grow and become doctors that don't scare you constantly.
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  3. by   nrsang97
    I called a resident with a pt who had a ekg that was so abnormal we had no name for the rhythm. I said "Dr.Resident, Mr. K's heart rate is in the 160's and we can't idnetify the rhythm. " He interrupted me and asked me if he had a pulse. I had to tell him, " I lisented to his heart rate so duh he has a pulse. If he didn't have a pulse I couldn't have listened then huh." This pt had a potassium of 1.8 even though he was getting replacements his potassium was dropping. He had such elevation of his ST segment. The 12 lead said "ACUTE MI/ UNDETERMINED RHYTHM" We ended up calling a code. but what a mess. I have never had a 12 lead EKG not determine some type of rhythm. This pt was pegged for dead. The cardio fellow said he will code and die tonight. He ended up being trached and pegged. He ended up back on the step down unit next door and he was talking and moving everyting, trach decannulated. He only spoke Sapanish. He had a severe head injury s/p trauma. We never found out exactly what happened to cause his injury. I really thought he was going to die on me the days I had him. He really is a miracle pt.
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    Be careful not to put too much identifying information about the pts! Need I say the "H" word?
  5. by   fey_lassRN
    Quote from prmenrs
    Be careful not to put too much identifying information about the pts! Need I say the "H" word?
    Gotcha. I didn't use the real nurse's name or the real doc's initials.

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