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Recently, while orienting a new nurse to the floor, I was reviewing her charting. She charted scrotal edema as..." Scrotal edema the size of a large baking potatoe". I couldn't help but laugh ... Read More

  1. by   brendamyheart
    Quote from Adam D. RN2005
    My first day as a Brand New RN with the new RN shine, well, I am shadowing my preceptor, she intorduces me to a pt and tells me to listen to his chest, hoping I would hear the faint murmur. Well the patient is depressed and saddened, so I listin, I look at my preceptor and with the straightest face, tell her I hear a heartbeat. The pt just bursts into laughter.

    I use humor in my practice a lot. A husband and wifre were arguing. Husband told the wife who was my patient that she had no heart. I go to listin to her heart sounds. I look at the husband with the straightest face again and said, I have got some bad news, your wife has a heart. They were both in stitches.

    I have been known to walk into a room of a pt who ad a craneototomy and tell the pt "Looks like you had a splitting headache." They laugh. Humor serves to purposes, gets the pt to look at their illness with humor, and it gains the trust of the pt very quickly.

    Adam, RN
  2. by   sarahbellum
    My nursing instructor told us about when she transferred from the ICU to OB.

    She was commenting to her preceptor while looking at the assignment board about what a concidence it was that so many women in labor were hard of hearing.

    Her preceptor stared at her for a couple of seconds, then informed her that HOH in OB is "Hx of Herpes"