cat scan

  1. A man found his dog on the floor, all spread out and looking quite like he was dead. Not being certain though, he called the vet in.

    The vet came and looked at the dog, and said "Well, he does look dead, but let's just be sure." He opened his bag and took out a cat. The cat walked all around the dog, sniffed a little here and there, looked at the vet, shook his head and got back in the bag. The vet told the man that "Yes, definitely, the dog is dead." He left and the man went and buried his dead friend.

    A few days later he got a bill from the vet for 215. He couldn't believe his eyes, and called the vet's office to inquire about such a large fee.

    The vet replied, "Well, sir, the 15 is for the house call, and the 200 is for . . . . . . . . . The Cat Scan."
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  3. by   renerian
    Very cute..........I like that.