"Cocky" doctors!

  1. Everyone has a bad day once and a while; right? Of course, some more than others.

    Unfortunately some doctors over-exercise this right.

    Here's a suggested come back (please use with caution!):

    "You're so smart though. Why didn't you go on to become a nurse?"
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  3. by   itsme
    Love it!!!
  4. by   nowplayingEDRN
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    Loved that one! Not long ago had a sort of run in with an anesthesiologist who hated to come to OB to do epidurals, especially on the night shift, so he would be a creep the whole time. One morning we had to call him just before shift change in the morning so when he arrived, he air machine gunned everyone at the desk. We all just sat there and said nothing. Finally he emerged from the patient room and cockily asked if any of us were going to assist him. No one said a thing until I piped up, we can't help you, we're dead. YOU killed us! He cracked up and that not only broke the tension but he has been decent to me since then...
  6. by   MrRNman
    You know, acceptance as a male nurse is kind of tough sometimes. Especially with me--cause my hair is longer than most of the women I work with! That is, LOTS and LOTS of stereotyping going on. However, I do sense a slight tension in the air when male doctors interact with female nurses. Kind of like they (the doctors) are on the upper end of the hierarchy of existance. I don't know...maybe it's just my imagination?

    Brings me to a joke I just remembered: This awsome surgeon dies and goes to the gates of heaven. There he finds a very long line. Kind of like a 90% off sale in the mall around Christmas time! Anyway, he thinks to himself "yeah right, like I'M suposed to wait in THAT line, huh." So he advances to the front of the line as he boasts his surgeonistic title to the peasants waiting patiently. At the front of the line he is welcomed by the one and only St. Peter. Dr. so and so sees someone walking by carrying an old-fashioned Dr's bag with a stethescope around his neck. The "cocky doctor" asks St. Peter the following: "Hey Pete, who is THAT?" St. Peter replies, "oh that's God--He's playing doctor today."
  7. by   kimmicoobug
    So far in my short career as a nurse (today is my one month anniversary), I have not had any major problems with the doctors. Especially during my time in OB. I did have one on med-surg who must have thought I was an idiot when I questioned him about an insulin order that I didn't understand. I called him only after asking the nurse I was working with if she understood the order, as well.

    Nursing aside, one of my past neighbors is an oncologist. I remember being woken up at 0200 a few times to hear him screaming at the nurses over the phone (apartment complex--with us sharing a common bedroom wall). He was not too popular with the nurses.

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