Nursing Hours Per Patient Days


Can someone help me calculate NHPPD? Who is included besides RNs LPNs and aides? Are unit secretaries and nurse managers included. I have the formula but am not sure who to include and I can't find the info elsewhere!

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It depends upon whom finance wants you to include. I wouldn't want to include the nurse manager unless that position routinely takes a patient assignment. As for aides and LPN they are typically included. Though I have seen separate lines and calculations for each liscensing level.

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Wow - what a can of worms. There are so ways to calculate this and depending on where you work, any one of them may be right. You may be better off going to the Nursing Management forum with this question.

There are different sorts of 'hours' PPD - like direct & indirect. Direct= people touching patients; Indirect=people needed to support patient-touchers such as Charge nurse, unit sec, nurse educator, etc. Then you can also subdivide by type of employee - RN, LP/VN, CNA, etc.

Just to make it more difficult, your facility may apply an 'adjustment factor' for different types of patients that are not considered 'inpatient'... the powers that be usually think that they don't need as much care (snort). So if you add those patients in, you may be looking at 'adjusted HPPD'. Then...... some great organizations :yeah:actually add in extra hours for ATD (admission, transfer, discharge) activities because these take up so much time and can have a really terrible effect on staffing if you have a lot of them.

Bottom line - find out how your organization calculates HPPD. It's usually a real eye-opener.


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Thankyou so much, you were very helpful!