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nursing home or urgent care?

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Which one, in your opinion, would prepare me better nurse overall as someone who wants to work in a hospital someday? Graduated with as ASN in June 2012 and then became pregnant with my son. Only started working since March. I've been at a nursing home for over a month as a full time night shift charge nurse who is also responsible for meds & treatment cart for a floor of 40 residents. It it's a rehab floor so its not just geriatrics and pts change often. It seems like the majority of my job is mostly paperwork and pushing the cart around but it just seems like a LOT of endless busywork I need to stay on top of...with not a lot of room or time to learn...also it seems like I no longer see my 1yr old soon anymore since I need to grab sleep whenever I can. The urgent care job is per diem during days and it is a LOT too but it seems like I would be able to practice various skills more and experience more on a daily basis. They have a room for trauma, a sterile room, an xray room, and several examination rooms. BUT the full time paycheck id nice to get. Blah. Just wanted some opinions from you all. Thanks in advance!

Also wondering what type of nurse/charcteristics are more suited for ltc vs urgent care, etc. I think I could handle ltc better if I didn't have to do both

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Thread moved for best response


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I think if your goal is to work in a hospital, the urgent care clinic will give you the more acute care skills..


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