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I just passed my NCLEX and am now desperately looking for employment. Since I'm not from the Pittsburgh area I have no idea which nursing homes are good to work in and those aren't. Back home I had more of an idea because of all my clinical rotations and friends who worked in the field. Here... I just don't know!!

My plan is to get some experience working at a nursing home before applying for a hospital position at UPMC. UPMC is a top-notch hospital so it intimidates me a bit applying there right off the bat. If you happen to be familiar with nursing homes in the North Hills area please let me know what you've heard/experienced yourself. Even if you are not from the Pittsburgh area, I would still love to know what your experience has been working in a nursing home.


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I think you SHOULD apply to UPMC. What's the worst that would happen? Anyway, I love working in the nursing home. I was a nurse aide first and worked through school. It's not glamorous but it's an honor to take care of old folks anyway.

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go appy to upmc..what is to lose?

I know a few South Hills area me.

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