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Man, there are no jobs out there (for new nurses). At least not in the philadelphia suburbs. I want to do homecare eventually but I can't find any med-surg jobs for experience first. It sounds like I might have more luck getting a nursing home/rehab job but I asked one homecare agency if nursing home experience would count as experience for HH and they said no. Is that the case everywhere?? Does experience for HH jobs have to be acute care/hospital work??


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I had nursing home experience when I started out in home health and they hired me. Different policies by different people at different agencies at different times. When they are hurting for employees, it seems they aren't so picky.


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I think it also depends on the type of facility where you get your experience. My first job out of nursing school was as the shift supervisor of a 118-bed SNF with a sub-acute wing. I was responsible for everything that went on during my shift, as well as a team of sub-acute patients--IVs, respiratory treatments, frequent assessments, etc. If your experience shows a good mix of skills, plus the ability to work independently, then I would think it's good experience for a home health nurse. Good luck!

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