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So I have many questions so bear with me. I usually google them and it always brings me to this site so I thought I'd make an account to get my specific questions answered. I'm currently in a CNA I class (does anyone know if there is any CNA II training in Hawaii and where it can be acquired?), and I will be continuing my education to become a nurse when my husband and I are stationed in Hawaii (report date Feb 2017 for Fort Shafter, idk where our orders will put us). Well since that's a whole ocean away I don't really understand what I need to do to transfer and if I even can begin school in Aug 2017. I haven't finished my prerequisites (for here I just need A&P 1/2 and a language), and I don't know what credits will transfer (I've looked at what is transferable and if that's it, I'm in a hell of a lot of trouble and set back). Should I just call the school or just apply and send in my transcripts since I can't actually meet with anyone and maybe someone will call and let me know what I need...but on many of the university websites for BSN in Nursing I have to have already taken my TEAS (from my understanding). Can I get my prerequisites from the universities or should I just go get my associates from a community college first? I guess it's just overwhelming looking at all the uni websites and they're telling me the prerequisites that I need, that I'll need the TEAS, but don't actually tell me if I can get in without the TEAS to do the pre-reqs first like the college I attended. Should I just go ahead and take my TEAS without finishing my reqs? Will me repeating two classes be held against me? I made a C- in both A&P 1 and Chemistry 1 (retook Chem and made a B) Also if you've been on base, which colleges are closest to Shafter or Schofield? Thanks in advance. I really hope this was clear.

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There's always the telephone if the websites are too confusing. Your questions can only be answered by the institution that you plan to attend.

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