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So i am a BSN graduate for 5 years now (originally from the Philippines) i moved here in the US due to family matters and haven't been able to pursue my NCLEX ever since. I admit i am not confident about anything anymore. I hardly remember the things i have studied. I have been working as a caregiver and now trying to apply as a clerk in hospitals. I don't know what to do. I have a family that relies on me and i think Nursing will be the key to help us financially. I want to go back to school or take a refresher course maybe, is it only for licensed nurses or is it open to nursing graduates too? What should i do? Thank you for your time. :(


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I would suggest taking a weeklong NCLEX review course. They are expensive, but would be worth the expense in the long run.

If that's not an option you can purchase an online review course. This would be more reasonably priced, I'd think.

I took Kaplan and it was paid for through my tuition and fees. It worked for me! I know that the university I attended switched to ATI last year due to better ratings. Perhaps you can look into that?


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Contact Happy NCLEX .... she may be able to help


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The NCSBN is an excellent review online with nclex-style questions that can sign up for- there is a fee but it is just as promising as the Saunders online review/rationales. Try to do 50 rationales per day for a month (make sure to read all correct/incorrect answers) and you'll likely be fine!!

Good luck to you!

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I would talk to your local BON. All states have deadlines for taking the NCLEX​ after graduation. If you went to nursing school outside the US, there would be other requirements. After 5 years, you may have to take a refresher or repeat nursing school.

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I came here from England and never attended any schooling in the USA up until that point. I just bought a bunch of NCLEX study books and answered all the questions over and over. I did about 6000 questions in preparation. I passed NCLEX first time.

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To start you should contact the BON in your state. Find out what specific requirements they may have for nurses educated outside the US. Also look into whether your state has requirements on how long you have to take NCLEX after graduating. I didnt take my NCLEX for four years after graduating so I very much empathize with your situation. Im from a state that has no deadlines in regards to how long after graduating you can take the boards so that was beneficial. Once I was able to take the exam I studied my butt off. I highly recommend you do the same. Take a review course as well. I myself took HURST review and found it to be amazingly helpful. It may be a good review for you as well as it is a content based review. It helps you to review major concepts but also gives plenty of questions. There are other reviews out there as well so do some research as to which one may benefit you the most. Also just try and take it one step at a time and have confidence in yourself that you can do this. Good luck on your journey!