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    I am graduating in May with my ADN. I live in California, but I am looking at critical care residency programs, including those out of state. I have applied to the program at UMC Lubbock and was curious if anyone has had experience interviewing there or working with the facility?

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  3. by   cass1320
    I'm currently in nursing school getting my BSN from Texas Tech in Lubbock. UMC is the teaching hospital associated with Texas Tech and has a great reputation! I've done about half of my clinicals there and found it to be a great atmosphere and very conductive to my learning. However, they're are three nursing schools the the immediate area, and three more in the region, so competition for those internships is fierce! Obviously GPA is a big deciding factor as well as clinical instructor recommendations. Unfortunately they are also very preferential towards BSN GNs, especially those who graduated from the TTU program. The nursing recruiter I spoke with said that in the past few years they've been able to be very selective because of an influx of people to the region (there's been a BIG oil boom around here) and the difficult job markets in some of the bigger cities (Dallas, Austin, Houston). Just out of curiosity, why the interest in Lubbock? The job market here might be better than Cali, but if you've never been to West Texas before you might be in for some culture shock. That being said, I would still definitely apply! Lubbock is a friendly little city once your used to it and UMC would be a great place for a new nurse to learn and gain experience. Plus, if you decided to get your BSN in the future, TTU has an amazing RN to BSN program!
  4. by   racheldb
    Thanks for the info! I've only lived in Cali for a few years. I grew up in Eastern Montana, and I definitely don't mind moving for a good job. I really liked the info I found on UMC's critical care program, and I'm not too particular of the location. I've heard pretty decent things about Lubbock. There are a few university associated nursing programs here that really prefer their own graduates, so that was something was I wondering about with UMC. Good luck with school! I'm planning to start my BSN this fall. I have found that outside of Cali the ADN isn't quite as popular...thanks again!
  5. by   KristeyK
    Well, the programs may not be as enticing as UMC there in Lubbock, but you should also look into hospitals in Midland/Odessa and other small towns around west Texas. Abilene may be a good place to look too. (Not sure about that though.)

    Good luck!