new grad, no experiences, finally got hired

  1. Today I was hired for a part-time LPN position at a local hospital which is 25 minutes driving distance from my house. I've been officially looking for a job since October 20th this year. I'm still waiting for another full time opportunity but are pretty happy about finally getting my foot in the door.

    My previous education and working experiences have nothing to do with healthcare. I graduated from a LPN program and have moved to another smaller city. Local jobs are very hard to find because of my lack of experiences, smaller population size in the city, and the long distance from my previous clinical sites. I emailed/ mailed/ faxed probably at least 50 resumes in 45 days.

    I just want to offer some encouragement to those new grads without previous experiences. Don't give up! Keep applying, and keep going to interviews. You'll finally find a job!
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  3. by   froggy8
    Congrats treeye!
    and thanks for posting encouragement for us other new grads! Job hunting officially started for me at the beginning of November and so far I have not even a call/email/interview back yet... it just seems like everywhere I applied to, my resume disappeared into a black hole... any advice for the still unemployed?
  4. by   treeye
    thank you.
    the advice is to keep on applying, including places that you know you may not go.

    last month, I got pretty desperate and applied for jobs that are a little bit too far for me. I got the interview and went to meet the DON. I knew I hate driving that far and will only accept the job if I'm super desperate. I did mess up with the interview. However, the interview questions that was asked at that meeting were exactly what was asked at the local job where I was hired. I remember the medication question is the same

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   froggy8
    thank you thank you thank you!

    now i will have to be prepared for any future interviews... it worries me that you had a med question tho... would you mind if i asked you what it was like?
    my friends who have had interviews didnt have any and instead had regular questions such as strengths/weaknesses and future plans...