New grad - GPA requirement is it cumulative or nursing classes only

  1. Hi everyone,
    So many of new grad hirings I see ask for 3.0 is this cumulative or just nursing classes. my total average is decent above 3.0 but ifs it's only nursing classes it's lower I struggled in medical surgical. Would it be ok if i gave my cumulative? Just rather not be screened out before I get a chance but same time don't want to lie ...nor misrepresent self.

    Hmm new Grad must be graduated from school within one year so I have 6 months to find work in hospital before I'm not one but still unemployed. This i my first week job searching and so far i just see need exp only. -thank you
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  3. by   beu4me06
    If it says GPA give your cumulative if it says nursing major GPA then its specific hope that helps
  4. by   Inori
    Thanks!! lol yea .. my cum is above 3.0 but nursing is uhm below. I guess i felt slightly giulty toeing the line on technicality.
    I love all nurses! I've a million advisors/mentors here.