Michigan intern/extern programs

  1. I graduated 3 years ago with my BSN and am certified in the state of Michigan. Since graduating I have been too busy traveling to start a career. I'm on break from teaching English in China right now and am looking for nursing jobs in the area. At this point I know I need to refresh my nursing skills and think an intern/extern program would be perfect for me. I've applied for a residency program at Children's hospital in Detroit and am waiting to hear back from them. Are there any other hospitals/doctors offices/medical centers that do these kind of programs? Are there any other names they call themselves besides intern/extern/residency programs that offer the same kind of training for people without experience?
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  3. by   silverbat
    Wow, I"m not sure about all the names being for the same type position. I do want to caution you that even though you have been an Rn for 3 years, you have not worked in the field, so, you are an "old" NEW RN, and its hard for new RN's to get a position fresh out of school. Be prepared to put in a ton of resumes and to look far afield or in areas of nursing you may not want to consider such as school nursing, LTC., etc. Best wishes and happy job hunting.