IYO Did I get this Job ?

  1. So I get a call for an interview 12/31/13 for medical telemetry unit. Well a week later 1/7/14 I had the interview. It is a Catholic hospital and I was up against a Nun. Well of course the Nun got the job however the nurse manager said it was a very close decision and I had a great interview and she was impressed with me. Well when she called me to tell me I didn't get the job she also said that she called another nurse manager and gave her a recommendation for me and gave her my application and resume. She said because I would be a great asset to this hospital. Well later that day I had an interview with that nurse manager. I felt that it went really well and she was telling me very specific things like the pay scale how they do scheduling how many weekends I would be required to work the shift differentials etc. Then I had a peer interview with 7 female nurses all asking me questions. A little intimidating both the nurse manager and the 7 panel peer interview. However I believe I did ok and the nurse manager told me she would let me know by the end of the week. So in your opinion did I get the job? The only concerns she had was that I'm not taking my NCLEX until feb and also I am interested in psych but this is a med surge floor so I'm guessing she thinks I'm gonna stepping stone my way out of there. I gave her a verbal 2 year agreement as well. She sounded pretty interested but also sounded just desperate to have nurses as several quit around the same time for non work related reasons. I don't know what do you all think. BTW first interview was for medical telemetry floor (which I didn't get) and second was for med surge GI floor.
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    Figured I would let everyone know that I did get the job its a GI med surg unit with a lot of colon and rectal cancer along with GI surgeries. This hospital doesn't usually higher new grads prior to passing nclex and they only had about 10 open positions online. I applied online and didn't have a hook up or know anyone and I didn't do precept there and I've never been a tech. Also it is one of the best hospitals to work for in the area and they are close to getting Magnet status in the next year or two. I just feel very fortunate especially seeing all of these posts about people taking awhile to find jobs. The only bad thing is that if I don't pass NCLEX on the first try I am basically fired. I give credit to having a good resume, cover letter, letter of recommendation, good interview and being male gender to getting the job. I will be the only male on the unit including day and night teams.
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    Congratulations on getting the job. Good luck as you embark on your new journey to becoming a great nurse. Already having the job...does put a lot of pressure on to pass NCLEX-RN. Just study hard, but not so hard that you get burned out and take it as soon as you can. And remember the majority of people do pass on their first try.
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