Is 2 letters of recommendation too little/incomplete?

  1. I'm job-hunting for my first nursing job and have my very first interview for a New Grad RN position this Friday. Letters of recommendation aren't required, but if I choose to hand some in to the nurse manager who is interviewing me, would 2 be incomplete? Would the nurse manager think that is insufficient? I have 1 letter from a former clinical instructor and 1 from a former supervisor (I did front office for 3 years in a doctor's office). If I decide to ask for a 3rd letter, would it be okay if I ask my old co-worker who I worked with in that doctor's office? She also did front office.. There's no other instructor or professor from nursing school who I can think of to ask..

    I'm considering to hand in a portfolio that includes the letters of recommendation. If I decide not to hand in a portfolio, do I just hand in the letters of recommendation alone at the very end of the interview?
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  3. by   siRNita
    I had 2 letters of recommendation, one from a clinical instructor, one from my "manager" at a place I volunteered. I got the job... so I think as long as they are solid and you have some callable references lined up, I think that would be good. Quality over quantity. I don't think it would be bad to get a reference from your former coworker but I think the ones from supervisors and instructors are taken more seriously - the coworker letter would be more of a character than a professional reference. I'm not sure about the portfolio thing. Where I applied we just submitted all our paperwork online and at the interview they had it all printed off. Know what your references say about you in their letters because my interviewer actually asked me a question, "what would your instructor say are your weaknesses?"

    That's my 2 cents... good luck!
  4. by   Merlyn
    If you can get two from Doctors and one from , that would be perfect or one from a doctor and one from nurse manager that should be enough.
  5. by   Unknown member
    I went on a interview recently. I brought a folder with my resume & cover letter (although these were already submitted online w/ the app), 2 letters of recommendation (each were written by clinical instructors), and a list of references (3 -- 2 people I work with now, one being my manager; the other was my previous manager at my old job). The director and nurse manager were very impressed and glad I came prepared. Hope this helps!