I just want to work.....why is it so hard???

  1. [FONT=Arial Narrow]Hello everyone, I'm very proud to say that I can officially call myself a NURSE . This has been one heck of a journey from nursing school to not passing the first time and thinking my entire world had ended to actually passing. For those that share a similar story please don't give up on what you have dreamed of becoming. Since founding out the news last week all I've been doing is smiling it feels so good to overcome the hurdle called (NCLEX). Now the next obstacle I must face is finding a JOB. I live in the DMV area (d.c, md,va) and no one wants to hire a new grad without experience . My instructors advise me to look everywhere and just get your foot in the door. So that's my plan looking into hospitals, doctor's office, nursing homes everywhere if you have any suggestions that will also help ill greatly appreciate. Thanks
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  3. by   leenak
    Do you have a BSN or ADN? I saw that NIH was hiring and also JHU is opening a brand new pediatrics hospital in a couple months. I think for both you need a BSN though. NIH might be stricter about it than JHU.
  4. by   Muffinlove17
    Thanks i will try both places, i have a BSN by the way.