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  1. Hi all! I currently work on a rehab unit as a tech during nursing school and I will graduate nursing school in the spring. I just got a job offer for a part time night position from the unit manager, which is great. However, I am hesitant to take it. First of all, my fiance lives 2 hours away, and can't change locations due to his job. Second of all, the nurses on this unit don't do the skills that a nurse would do on a med surg, or other specialty unit, and I am afraid I won't learn much after graduating and lose all of my skills. Also, I really would like to work full time if at all possible. I need the benefits.

    I like my position as a tech here, but overall I think it's a "boring" unit and is not the type of nursing i'm looking at doing. I feel like I should accept the position just to have a job, but then again I feel like I will hate ever second of being here. I have been in a long distance realtionship with my fiance for 4 years now, and was really looking forward to finally moving to the same city and being able to see each other. Also, like I said before, I just don't find the unit interesting and I am afraid to lose my skills.

    I haven't started searching at any other hospitals yet, so its not like I have exhausted all other options....I'm just confused :/

    What would you do??
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  3. by   RN12PTL
    First of all, congrats on nearing the end of your undergraduate academic life How exciting!!!

    Secondly, do NOT quit your tech job before you have another job lined up with an actual start date- not just a verbal offer. Have learned this lesson the hard way!

    Is she going to allow you to practice with your IP or do you have to have sat for the boards and obtain your RN before starting work. If you can start with your IP, I say go for it and then keep pursuing other options closer to your fiance. Where I live, it takes on average a minimum of 6 months from the time my friends have begun job hunting to the time they start, and most have been searching for a year now. Therefore, never turn down experience just to sit at home and be closer to your fiance. I'm doing the long distance thing now and know how difficult this can be, but you'll have him the rest of your life. You just need a little experience to make you more marketable to the locations where you don't have contacts.

    If I were you, I'd start applying/ making calls to HR in the area you're wanting to live and asking what the requirements are for a new grad, when they'll start taking applications/ a program start date, and if you can come meet with them and tour the hospital.

    Overall, you have to do what will make you happy! Enjoy your last semester and good luck with your boards!!!
  4. by   Brittany2206
    He will not let me start without taking the boards and passing. He clarified that I can work as a tech up until I take my boards, and once I pass them I will no longer be able to work as a tech. He didn't give me many details past that, he just told me the lady I am replacing will be retiring in June.
    I am just having mixed feelings. I talked with a nurse who works on the unit, and she doesn't think it's a good place for new grads either.
  5. by   RN12PTL
    From the way you describe it, I totally I agree. I'm a new grad too and know I can't be picky but don't want to lose skills just to ahve a job. Start networking at the hospital you want to work for/ the are you want to live in, but don't turn down the offer in the mean time. Just tell the nurse manager thank you and you will let him know as soon as you pass your boards.

    That way you are free to keep thinking about it and decide, while pursuing all options.
  6. by   rn2b 2012
    unless you have another job...take it, there aren't a lot of jobs out there! you never know it might be 1 year before you get another job and by then you wouldn't have used any skills!! try and work out a schedule like 3 twelve hour shifts so its worth your time.