Basic tips for getting hired as a new grad

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a new grad RN, BSN and I have recently been hired at a large So-Cal hospital. I'm extremely excited and I wanted to share some basic tips about getting hired. First, I want to say that I think things are getting a little better in terms of employment. I've seen a lot more new grad positions opened and some of my fellow classmates have also been offered jobs.

    My tips
    (1) Review your resume a thousand times and have someone else review it as well for spelling and grammar errors.
    (2) Make your resume personal. Add an objective 1-3 lines that states not only what you're looking for but also include some descriptive words about yourself.
    (3) Include experience with different EMRs and IV pumps on your resume.
    (4) Write a cover letter. Include why YOU would be a good fit for the hospital.
    (5) Wear a suit to your interview. I know a lot of this may be obvious but I'm listing it just in case. Also, keep your hair pulled back so you don't unintentionally play with it/have to brush it out of your face. Wear minimal make up and no perfume.
    (6) Before your interview, review care plans and journals. This will help to jog your memory for past clinical experiences so you have something to draw off of during your interview.
    (7) KNOW THE HOSPITAL. By this I mean research their values and mission statement. Explain why it means something to you. Again, I know this seems obvious but the hiring manager who interviewed me told me you would be surprised at how many people do not do this.
    (8) Lastly, create a portfolio with your resume, cover letter, LORs, copies of certificates, awards, and degrees. Bring several copies of this with you to the interview. The interviewer may only look at it and hand it back to you but I think it shows how prepared you are and that you put a lot of time and thought into this.

    I hope this helps. Please stay positive! It will happen! =)

    Newly hired RN, BSN
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  3. by   LaRoseRN
    This was a really great list!! -- I literally did every one of these things & got a job seven months after graduation.

    I didn't have any money, so I invested in an "interview suit" w/ a credit card. I literally pawned things to pay for my flight to go to my ONE interview and got called back for the second round.

    Making sure to know the hospital is really helpful, especially the mission statement...and if it's a large teaching hospital, try to find out what programs/research etc are being done on the unit you're applying to. The recruiters were very impressed that I commented on some of these unique elements.

    One to add: practice basic interview questions with someone who can give you good feedback. There are many threads on here about what types of interview questions generally come up. I wrote out my strengths/weakness, examples of patient interactions directly related to the unit I applied too, and did "mock interviews" with someone who does a lot of hiring and was able help me present myself in the best way possible.