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Nursing and Fibromyalgia

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In all of the places I've worked in WV benzos, Ultram and Lyrica have always been locked up. I don't really understand a place that doesn't since they are all considered controlled substances.....hmmm. I have read all of these posts on FM and can relate and understand, since I have been a sufferer for several years now and had a hard time finding a diagnosis and treatment. I finally found a PM doctor who knew EXACTLY how I felt and I finally was put on a treatment regime that helped. He also diagnosed my Chronic Low Back Pain that I had taken for granted for years. I worked for 14 years on an Orthopedic Unit in a hospital and did a lot of heavy lifting, pulling, pushing....you get the picture. After I filed for FMLA for the FM, I began to be harrassed by my NM for being 1 minute late or anything else she could dig up. I started there as an LPN, got my RN, then my BSN and stayed loyal to the hospital and the unit. I was fired last March. I was denied unemployment benfits. I'm sure that when other employers call them for a reference that they don't give a good one since I cannot seem to get any other job except LTC.

Then to top it all off my PM doctor was raided by the DEA and brought up on Federal charges that he was responsible for the deaths of some of his patients. They were never able to prove it but the State pulled his license anyway. So now I am back to sqaure one on looking for a doctor who believes in FM in my area. I am not on the correct meds and I am suffering in silence. I am working 12 hr shifts in a LTC facility and making less money but I don't have to do much lifting and I can sit at times for a while since I am on night shift. I am halfway through my MSN with a concentration in Teaching but had put a hold on it when all of this transpired as I have been suffering with severe depression and anxiety. Some days I just want to give up and quit but I am the main breadwinner for my family and also have to provide health insurance. Even with a BSN and 15 yrs experience in Nursing I am having a hard time finding any other type of job, I think it's because most of that experience has been at the hospital that fired me. I have a hard time not feeling ashamed for losing that job even though I did every thing in my power to keep it.

I just filed a FAFSA so that I can try to get back in school and finsh my Master's. Please say a prayer that this works out. The Nursing Home has been a good place to hide out and still get a paycheck but it also has it's very stressful moments and they believe in mandating staff to stay over to cover call ins so there are many times that my 12 hr shift turns into 16 and then I am down for all of my days off trying to recover. Sorry if this was long, but it feels good to tell my story and ask for thoughts and prayers my way. I am only 42 and even with FM and back pain I believe I am still a viable member of the Nursing Community. It has been my passion and who I am for a long time now.

Good luck and God Bless to all of you out there who are living with Chronic Pain, whatever the reason. May God Bless and Keep You.

Lisa :redbeathe

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Sorry to hear you suffer so with your FM. My husband was diagnosed seven years ago and we are still fighting to find a doctor who understands and helps. Seven years and not one pain free day. But that doesn't stop us from trying. Your post sounds so much like what we have been through. GREAT that you are still trying to keep pushing on.

Hope you find a Dr. soon. Most of my husbands doctors treated him like he was a drug seeker. If you encounter one like this, keep looking.

GOD Bless,


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I have all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. This time of year is very bad for me. I really want to get my BSN RN. It will only take me 2 more years. I am worried though. How will I work 12 hour shifts at a hospital? Do nurses ever work part time?? I am worried as to how I will work as a nurse with this possible condition? I have a 3 year old son as well. I am in very good physical condition because I walk and eat very well now (because of this), however i have back pain daily, wrist pain, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions as to whether I should pursue nursing????

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My advise would to pursue your plan...with realistic goals. It is possible work part time...and I would suggest this. I would advise against 12 hr shifts, because they stress healthy individuals to the max. There ARE nursing jobs that don't require bedside nursing....GOOD LUCK!

i WOULD certainly find an MD ho is experienced in FM. There are FM and CFIDS websites that may be of assistance. Also, many find "alternative" therapies helpful First and foremost, respect your body for hat it can...and cannot do.

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