Nursing Experience!!!!


I just wanted to hear some crazy/funny things you have experienced being a Nurse.... Or even something sad that touched you or just made you scared I would love to know Thanx....:nurse:

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This was my first "light bulb" moment, I still think it's funny because I was so dumb, lol.

I think it was around my second week working as an RN. I had this really sweet old man. He had Sundowners Syndrome, which I knew he had it but during the day he was completely fine so I forgot about it. He was also a diabetic and had come in because he had fallen in the nursing home.

Around 5 in the afternoon, the patient asked me for a Popsicle. Which I went and got him one. 10 minutes later he calls me into his room and says where is my popsicle?

I said: I brought it to you already, do you want another one?

He looks at me funny and says I don't remember you bringing me one, I must have eaten it too fast. If you can bring me one, then yes please.

That happened 4 or 5 times. I didn't connect the dots, I just thought he was playing with me and really loved Popsicles especially since we had the good kind. You know the ones with a bunch a sugar, but every time I saw him, he was a little stranger each time. As I am charting, the CNA comes up to me and says you know it's strange, we have been really good about keeping his blood sugar down and for some reason it's 195. To which I just looked at my preceptor and said oops. I told her what happened and my preceptor and the CNA had a good laugh.

I felt so stupid. :banghead: I kept giving Popsicles to a forgetful diabetic, didn't even think anything about it.

When we were leaving, I stepped in with the night shift nurse and he told me I was the worst nurse ever because he kept asking for Popsicles and I didn't give him any. :lol2: If only he knew.....

After that I learned my lesson. Never give Popsicles to the forgetful diabetic.

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do a search for funny sotries and for ghost stories. there are over 3000 of them here on allnurses!! Im sure you will find many sideline threads too....