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hi everyone. i just thought this would be a good place to vent about my freakin nursing test. i failed by one point. my average is now a 74 and passing is a 75. what makes me even more mad is that on our last test, (which i got a 90) there was a question on the test two times and i got it right, but they are taking away 2 points from that test since they made a mistake and duplicated a question. that is so not fair. it isnt our fault they did that!!! well, i guess thats all i have to gripe about!! thanx for listening and for any inspiration, advice, anything!!! :0 )


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If it was their mistake they should not take away the should be a "freebie"!!!! Don't they teach us that we are to take responsibility for our mistakes? Why should you be punished for something that they did? IMHO!

i have no idea why they are doing that. i agree with what you said about taking responsibility for our mistakes, i guess just b/c they are the instructors, they can "do what they want". they wont even let us challenge a question if we have read or been told in lecture that the answer is something other than what they say it is. they let us challenge questions all the way through nursing school until this point~ i dont know what is up with them!!!! i guess i just have to keep reminding my self i only have a little less than 7 months left!!!:)


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I'm a bit confused.

They repeated a question on the test and your mad cuz they arent going to count both of them. I dont see how that is going to change your grade. Bear with me here.

For the sake of argument there are 50 questions on the test. If you got 45 right that would be a 90%. Since one is repeated, the teacher takes that question off your score. Then there are 49 questions and you got 44 right. That would be an 89.8 which of course would round to a .........90%.

This was my understanding of that. I could be wrong though, I have been before. Just don't tell my husband that. lol.

I think you may want to talk with your teacher about it if she just took the points away from your total and not the total # of questions. I know i would!

Although i sympathize with you and if it were me I would be mad too, but the reality of it is that nothing is "fair" in the real world.

The absolute best advice I can give you is to not fret over things you can't change. Do what you have to and get that grade up and you will make a great nurse!!!

Best of luck to you

Katnip, RN

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It is rather odd that they didn't throw the questions out. Has anyone brought this up? Academic integrity goes both ways.


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Hi Student Nurse,

Dont worry too much. I got a C in my psychology exam and I did another test in psychology and will be getting the result tomarrow.

The test was not difficult so I am expecting a good grade this time around.

Hang in there my dear!! God will see you through.


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I agree with nurseleigh!

I think I misunderstood so maybe you could take us back to the beginning. How many questions were on the original test? Did they take the points off of your score or did they throw the questions out and get your average that way?

Maybe I will understand a little better if you can answer those questions. Thanks.


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Hey guys,

I am so happy!! I scored 88% on my psychology test. Gosh! I worked real hard for this.

I am HAPPY!!!

there were 50 questions on the test, and there was two that asked the S/E of some drug regarding the elderly(forget which one. a psych drug) and the answer was orthostatic HTN for both questions. i got them both right, but since they mistakenly wrote two of the wrong questions they are taking 2 points off of what we made on that test. i forgot to say that they said they will give us an extra question on another test that will be "easy". (ya, right) i bet i get it wrong, because that is my luck since i got the one on the other test right, twice! well, hope this clears things up!


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I can now understand why you are so frustrated. If they would have thrown out those two questions you would have passed. When is your next test? Let us know how you do ok?

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