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Nursing exam in PA

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hi everyone,

is it really true that is pearson vue is willing to take your money again you failed the exam. if so, can a person who fail register again to take the exam and wait for the att in the state of pa.

also can someone give me any ideas on how to start studying again. i am taking about a week off to get myself together. I have saunders 4th ed and i have taken kaplan, i did like it. also i was wondering how people feel about the ncsbn learning extension. can someone out there give me some insight. i am not discouraged i just want to make the best of my studying experience this time around. thank you.:no:

Yes - if PV is willing to take your money after sitting for the NCLEX, you did not get a passing score. PV is required to pass the results to the PA BoN within something like 24 hours after the exam, so you can check the BoN website - if you passed, it will say you have an active license and if not, it will list your license as pending. I think the BoN stipulates that you have to wait 45 days before you can reschedule after failing.

As far as studying goes, it will vary by individual. I prefer an intense but short review, so took the week off before the exam and studied for 8 - 10 hrs per day. I had an ATI review book (my school included the ATI 3-day review class but I could only attend the first day and did not find it helpful) that I used a little but I signed up for the Saunders on-line review and mostly depended on that. The 30-day review was something like $50 but there are more expensive and longer alternatives. I just did the review questions and practice tests along with a little studying in the ATI review book. It must have worked because I passed but YMMV.