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Nursing Entrance


I attend Lake Sumter State College. My Prerequisites GPA is a 3.25. I was wondering if I should apply for the Nursing Program. Do you think My GPA is Horrible. To get in you have above a 2.5 or higher. ANY FEEDBACK, PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Why would you think that your GPA would be viewed as "horrible"? You obviously are well above the minimum required GPA for nursing school per your post. Is your intent to become a nurse?

Yes, it is my intent to become a nurse. I was just wondering, because I hear around school that they do not accept anyone no lower than a 3.5 which is crazy.

I see. That does seem a somewhat high GPA for admission requirements. To my knowledge, it's usually more along the lines of 3.00 or somewhere around there. Is this a highly competitive program? That can make a difference.

Some what it is a competitive program. A class mate of mine got in with a 3.3 so I guess I have a chance to get in also.

loriangel14, RN

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Usually the official minimum has nothing to do with the actual GPA you need to get in.

Did you get in with 3.25?

gere7404, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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Depends on the institution. Locally, there's two schools that provide nursing degress; one is an ADN program, the other is a BSN program. Because of costs, way more people apply to the ADN program, which although on paper has a lower requirement to apply, is actually more competitive because so many more people are trying to get a spot there.