Your first nurse educator job?

  1. Hi! I wanted to know if anyone taught or worked in the U.S. as a clinical educator or other type of educator with just their BSN? After much deliberation, I've decided to pursue the MSN in education, and it's 100% online. I would like to find an educator position to gain some experience while I'm working on it. If you have, did you find the position online? Any tips or ideas? I'm excited about looking for that first position, but nervous too. Any input is appreciated.
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  3. by   babeinboots
    I'm my area you can become a clinical instructor for RN programs with just a BSN. I'm in California.
  4. by   blackmamba123
    Quote from babeinboots
    I'm my area you can become a clinical instructor for RN programs with just a BSN. I'm in California.
    Ok, thanks for the info. Yes, it's the same in Ohio too. Is that what you do or did? If so, what was it like in terms of your work outside of clinicals, were you required to be on committees etc.?
  5. by   DowntheRiver
    Here in Florida it seems all the jobs require a MSN. I'm starting my MSN program in August but it is just part-time and will take me 3 years to complete. I was looking to do some part-time work as an instructor in the mean time, even if teaching LPN or PCT courses.
  6. by   sirdearis88
    I started with clinical for my local community college with my BSN. I was able to find the position on our state/government jobs website. My state also has a monthly newsletter with open nursing and faculty positions.

    It was beneficial starting with the clinical role because I easily transitioned into a full-time position when it became available once my MSN was done.
  7. by   thenurseteacher
    The best way in is to know someone at the school you would like to work at - I got my first job getting to know the clinical instructor for the student who was assigned to my patient. I have found it very difficult to just get in cold - knowing someone certainly helps! Good luck!
  8. by   bluewolf9193
    There may be a few LPN programs that permit BSN RNs to facilitate teaching (a friend of mine does this with her BSN in IL). Online teaching is pretty much MSN and above. Another idea is to look up your state's CNA Train the Trainer course. In Illinois, that is for any RN and, once completed, you can teach in CNA programs. What school are you going to for your MSN? I'm at Grand Canyon University MSN Nurse Educator program. Good luck!