Transition to concept based curriculum

  1. I just accepted my first faculty position after graduating with my MSN in Nursing Ed 2 summers ago. I'm starting with a colleague who's been in this position for a year but they're changing to a concept based curriculum for the fall and following semesters. I've read a book on the idea and it doesn't sound incredibly complicated but I know no one likes change. I figure I might have a leg up because I'll start out with this concept based curriculum and not have to face a transition from something else. I'm also a fast learner and have only been out of my BSN program for 9 years, so I vaguely still remember what school was like. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   dumbnurse
    Sounds as if they are responding to NCLEX's plan to change the exam in April 19 to a more concept/case study type of exam. I wish oh how I wish nursing would have been taught to me in this way! Yes, I think you have a leg up. It will be interesting to see how schools transition and what efaffect it has on NCLEX scores. Congratulations!
  4. by   llg
    I applaud your positive attitude.

    Some people think the "concept-based approach" is a new, untested idea -- adding to their apprehension about switching to it. However, it is not new. It's been around for decades. I graduated from a concept-based curriculum back in 1977 from a very well-respected university. Several of the highly-ranked university programs had concept-based programs back then. So, it's not a new idea.

    I am on the Community Advisory Board for a local ADN program and they switched to a concept-based curriculum a couple of years ago. When the faculty (and Board) got our first education on the curriculum principles, several us of just smile and said, "Finally! ... We are going to catch up to what my undergrad program was doing decades ago!"